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Size: 6643 ha

Julstroy Farms is a well-appointed farming property located in the Lake King area 440km from the centre of Perth. The property of 6643ha (16,416 acres) is used for both grain and sheep production. Capable of cropping a total of 4786ha or 8,000 to 10,000 sheep.

The infrastructure built has been well prepared and complements the owners’ farming pursuits. Sheds all concreted with large doors and high truss heights to accommodate large agricultural machinery, chemical shed that fills the requirements, farm generated 3 phase power to the workshop.

Large on-farm grain storage with approx. 50,000-bushel capacity silos. Large rainwater tanks collect and store enough rainwater to drought-proof most properties, and 29 paddocks are all watered by dams and a soak. One key dam is equipped with a solar-powered pump providing water to a near new sheep yard and feedlot.

An office and accommodation complex is protected with 10 CCV cameras relaying information on intruders to a central hub off the farm.
The paddocks have been carefully planned, with the home farm having wide laneways off both Mulcahy and Carstairs Roads, while the most recent addition is currently being re-fenced with planned laneways. Fencing is an ongoing project with 7 line Griplock fencing and galvanised steel posts throughout.

There are 28 paddocks serviced by 30 dams with good catchments plus a soak that seems to be endless.
There is a 5 bedroom 2 bathroom homestead with 2 other homes for staff plus 9 bedroom quarters available for the occasional seasonal worker.

The Auction will be held on the 10th December 2021 at the Lake King Tavern at 1:30 pm.

Key Features:

* 6643 Ha or 16416 acres
* High quality mixed farming operation
* Outstanding Infrastructure
* Well planned paddock layout with wide laneways
* High-quality soil types
* Production records, soil test results, fertiliser and chemical use
* Well maintained pastures