Barrie Holdings, Pinda Farm,

Barrie Holdings, Pinda Farm, Flinders Outback SA

The Barrie Family began farming in the area in 1876. Robert Barrie Jnr in the mid 1880’s first read a paper to the area’s Farmers Association extolling the benefits of running sheep alongside the area’s traditional cereal production.  Since then the family (and area) have successfully done so. Peter now the 5th generation and his wife Di (celebrated published author of ‘Diggers in the Dust’) and daughter Susan are further modernising with their focus on maintaining and improving their flocks welfare, including adopting principles of the Five Freedoms of Sheep.

“Wool is an enduring fibre that produces fine garments that can be worn for years. The satisfaction that we are making a small difference to the world by curbing the waste of fast fashion, by producing a fibre that can not only be worn for years but be recycled and removed from the waste chain is worth all the hard work. Plus Sheep make the best co-workers!”, said Peter.

We’re passionate about ‘paddock to person’, from our work since the late 90’s with connecting to the plates of our wheat’s consumer’s to our participation in this wool fibre program. As producers we will always be motivated by the discerning wool consumer of this world and as farmers we will always be dedicated first to the welfare of our sheep.