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The successful relationship between AWN, Hedrena and Fella Hamilton is the epitome of the bale to retail story. Consumers are also treated to the story behind where the wool comes from for their luxury products through AWN’s exclusive DNA provenance program, which connects growers, processors, and consumers.


DNA is an exclusive program that allows AWN woolgrowers and consumers to follow the journey of their wool from bale to retail. Each DNA product has a QR-enabled swing tag which, when scanned, connects to a video story showcasing the woolgrowers who contributed to the making of the product, their sheep, and the environment in which the wool was grown. With traceability in demand, the DNA program has been embraced by woolgrowers across the country.


Since 1992 Hedrena has provided women with apparel made from the finest Australian merino wool. Hedrena garments carry a QR code-enabled DNA swing tag giving them the story behind their product. This is a great opportunity for the brand, as well as the clientele of AWN, to expand the DNA story with the iconic Australian fashion retailer Fella Hamilton, now the home of Hedrena.


Fella Hamilton managing director, David Hamilton, says the DNA program is an extremely important message and tool that the company is proud to have attached to its Australian-made Hedrena garments.


“When you buy from our Hedrena by Fella Hamilton collection, our customers can find out the provenance of the wool. We are so proud to be using Australian wool to make locally-made Australian garments endorsed by Ethical Clothing Australia. The added endorsement of the DNA program provides traceability and transparency and adds to the Hedrena brand that we know our customers love,’’ he said.


“This makes them very loyal to the Hedrena brand as they know they are supporting local growers on the land and local manufacturing.’’


Hedrena customers also love being able to purchase their brand in-store through Fella Hamilton with the full range of quality garments available from their retail stores and their online platform.


The successful introduction of Hedrena into the Fella Hamilton range has resulted in the garments being 100 per cent Australian. They are made from fabric from Australia’s merino sheep and designed and produced in Australia using ethically accredited factories and suppliers.

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