Good times with bullish cattle market

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Strong livestock prices have been underpinned by a buoyant cattle market that continues from strength to strength.

AWN NSW livestock specialist Peter Har-greaves said the cattle job seemed to get stronger weekly while sheep and lambs had experienced some volatility since late March.

Strong Livestock prices have been underpinned by a buoyant cattle market that continues from strength to strength.

“Sheep and lambs are up and down depending on the quality and condition, and not all processors have been operating as they have been hit by staffing issues caused by COVID,’’ he said.

“The store market has been very strong up until late March, and it has been the same with wether lambs for restocking. Some buyers are wanting them shorn and we all know shearing has been a major issue across the board. It is getting so hard to get sheep shorn people are saying you need to breed your own workforce but one fellow in his 70s told me he’s a bit old for that.’’

Forward contracts for lambs are still looking good and according to Peter, it will be business as usual through winter.

“People have joined their ewes now so the restocker market will shut down as the joining window for ewes has closed and farmers are now welcoming rain across much of the State which is excellent as they prepare for winter sowing,’’ he said.

“The tablelands have been looking for rain as they have missed out on the stormy weather the west and north-east of NSW have been benefitting from as a result of storms out of Queensland.

“Up until a couple of weeks ago, Brewarrina was looking great but it has now dried off, and the grass has gone to seed. Nyngan and areas north are looking good, and farmers are spraying and looking to sow with a better moisture profile as a result of rains in early April.”

“Some areas may still be in need of rain to start sowing winter crops, however, these rains have certainly been very welcome in the areas where they have fallen.’’

Peter Hargreaves
AWN Livestock Specialist Nyngan NSW
0409 321 001

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