Eyre Peninsular Joins AWN’s Network of DNA Wool Growers

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AWN, Australia’s largest independent wool broker, has launched its latest series in its wool provenance stories through its DNA program. The DNA program features wool growers from South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

Exclusive to AWN, the DNA program sources wool from its wool growing clients across Australia for its retail brand partners. The DNA program takes the bale to retail connection one step further by connecting consumers with a unique story of the region. They also connects growers and sheep who contributed wool to making their products via a series of videos linked to each product via a QR-code.

The Eyre Peninsula DNA program, which launched this Wednesday evening at the Port Lincoln Hotel, forms part of the supply chain for Australian-owned retail brand, Merino&Co, and its MerinoSnug product range, which is manufactured locally in Perth, Western Australia.

A number of the Eyre Peninsula DNA wool growers attended the launch event. In this event, they showcased four provenance story videos, point of sale material, and MerinoSnug products carrying the Eyre Peninsular swing tag. AWN State Manager for South Australia, Rod Miller, said the QR codes allow consumers to connect with their DNA garment.

“Many producers present were viewing the videos for the first time. They all expressed their immense pride in the production quality and stories shared with consumers throughout Australia and the world,” he said.

“It is a uniquely Australian, good news story for wool growers, our retail brand partners and consumers alike.”

South Australian wool marketing manager, Peter Hayman, was also in attendance. Peter Hayman has had a long association with many growers present in the evening.

AWN, renowned for its unique approach to wool marketing, created the DNA program to add value to the wool supply chain. Connecting consumers created value with stories of the regions and people and sheep who contributed wool to make their garments.

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