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Flinders Outback Woolgrowers to Join Groundbreaking Provenance Program

Australia’s largest independent wool marketer, Australian Wool Network, has revealed the latest instalment of its innovative provenance program showcasing the Flinders Outback woolgrowers to the nation and the world.

AWN’s DNA program allows customers to scan a QR enabled swing tag on their wool garment or product to view informational videos that shine a spotlight on the wool growers of the Flinders and Outback and their sheep that contributed to the making of the product, and to hear their unique stories.

This latest instalment builds the connection between the land, the people, the sheep and the fibre, modern merino wool.

The four stories revealed on Tuesday night at a gala cocktail event held at the iconic Ediacara Gallery at the South Australian Museum shared a common ‘spirit of the land’ theme.

Featuring epic drone footage across the Flinders Ranges and Outback the stories quietly reflect the spirit of the ancient land and how it is connected to the woolgrowers.

Australian Wool Network’s, DNA Manager, Cynthia Jarratt said every wool growing region that is part of their DNA program offers something unique and special.


“When you visit the Flinders Outback region there’s just something about the environment you are standing in, a connectioaun and respect you feel for the land, the rocks and the ranges.

“Our aim was to express this feeling and portray how this same spirit and feeling is connected to the sheep in the region that grow the wool for the luxurious MerinoSnug knitwear,” said Ms Jarratt.


Ms Jarratt said consumers are more and more wanting to understand where the fibres they wear and use comes from and our growers a keen to understand what becomes of the wool they produce.

“Some of the world’s most desirable merino wool is being grown in the Flinders and Outback and our DNA program provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase this to our Australian and international customers.

“South Australian wool growers are among some of the most innovative in world when it comes to promoting their wool and fully understand the power of provenance marketing,” she added.

AWN has launched the DNA Design Series Competition, an exciting design competition as part of its Flinders DNA campaign. The competition invites anyone with a strong connection to the Flinders and Outback region to submit a design.

The winner will see their design come to life as a unique wool blanket, will receive $1,000 from AWN and an additional $1,000 donated by local woolgrowers Tony and Julie Smith from Rawnsley Park Station and MF Jebsen Australia of Martins Well Rangeland Reserve and $500 worth of the final product featuring their design.

The finished homewares product featuring the winning design will be sold through select retail outlets and on the Merino & Co website.

The closing date for the competition has been extended with the winner being selected and announced in the coming weeks.

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