Season Off to a Flying Start Fuelling Demand from Restockers

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The Central NSW season is off to a flying start, with the region seeing the best start since 2016.

The excellent conditions follow good rains in February and March saw good growth of Summer grasses and follow up rain in April and May striking Winter herbages and recent rainfall across the region in June has served to keep the topsoil moist. These conditions have seen large areas sown to oats, barley, wheat and chickpeas as producers look to capitalise on the season.

Nyngan-based AWN livestock specialist, Peter Hargreaves, said that these conditions have seen livestock prices reaching all-time highs, with some producers finding it difficult to secure lines of stock.

“We are seeing strong demand for stock driven by the availability of feed and the strength of the prime market. We have seen sheep and lambs selling at a good rate, albeit with a correction in the market at the moment, we expect to see strong prices to continue. We are also seeing a rise in the cattle market, with solid enquiry for PTIC cows and heifers and young backgrounding types,” Mr Hargreaves said.

“Wool yield and cut should improve on the past three years, although VM will increase from Summer given the amount of Winter herbage about.

“Agistment is still plentiful with many graziers looking to sell grass however with lower numbers there just isn’t the stock around to fill the paddocks.

“With above-average long terms rainfall projections, I expect that we will see demand for stock continue for the foreseeable future, with producers looking to restock over the next couple of years.”

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