Karratta Pastoral Company

Karratta Pastoral Company

Karratta Pastoral is located at Binnum around 20km north of Naracoorte In the Limestone Coast region in South Australia.

The Karratta Pastoral property is described as ‘good grazing country’ with productive pastures of predominantly clover and phalaris.  The land is relatively flat with some undulating hills and good stands of natural timber, especially on the hills, for shelter and protection.  The 2,025ha large property enjoys a reliable 500mm annual rainfall and runs around 2,500 merino ewes and 2,500 crossbred ewes.

Karatta Pastoral operates as a modern and respectful business model which allows Jamie to run the property with autonomy allowing him the flexibility to take advantage of market opportunities when they are presented.

Jamie and his family have had a long association with the wool industry in Australia.  His family moved to the Limestone Coast region 20 years ago from Yorke Peninsula in South Australia to expand their own sheep and farming operation.  Now after 5 generations spanning some 120 years, Jamie is carrying on the family tradition of working in wool by helping the team at Karatta Pastoral to achieve their own success in sheep and woolgrowing.

  1. What does it mean to you to know who is wearing your wool?
  2. “It gives our staff pride and for me and my family a great personal pride to see our wool go from the sheep’s back to the consumers back. And for the consumer to know and understand the origin of their product and respect the effort and dedication that goes into producing such an amazing fibre.”
  3. What would you like to say to the person wearing your wool?
  4. “Thank you for choosing Limestone Coast wool. Karatta wool is produced sustainable and ethically with animal welfare as our number one priority.”